The Briefing 06-18-13

The Briefing 06-18-13

1) Reports in the media favor same-sex marriage by 5 to 1

Pew Study: News Stories Focused on Pro-Same Sex Marriage, Broadcasting & Cable (John Eggerton)

Is the political fight over gay marriage over? Or is that just the story the media is telling?, Washington Post (Chris Cillizza)

2) President Obama losing support, especially among younger Americans

CNN Poll: Obama Approval Falls Amid Controversies CNN (CNN Political Unit)

CNN/ORC Poll – June 11-13, CNN/ORC

TIME POLL: Americans Believe Country Heading in the Wrong Direction, TIME (Zeke Miller)

3) Kentucky becomes ground-zero for same-sex marriage debate

Kentucky same-sex case to be landmark, USA Today/Courier-Journal (Jason Riley)

4) United States demographics rapidly changing – the Church must adapt

For White Americans, More Deaths than Births, New York Times (Sam Roberts)

5) Why culture of death is losing the debate: the baby doesn’t count

US legislators open new front in battle to outlaw abortion, Financial Times (Anna Fifield)


R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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