The Briefing 06-13-13

The Briefing 06-13-13

1. Compensation and judge intervention are dangerous solutions to organ waiting lists 

Letting a child die for a voluntary ideal, USA Today (Sally Satel)

2. Senate will debate immigration reform, but most important debate is among the people

Obama Back Bill to Overhaul Immigration as Debate is Set, New York Times (Mark Landler and Ashley Parker)

3.  American Academy of Pediatrics argues Plan B doesn’t cause abortion and should be cheaper

Morning-after pill: The Debate Continues, USA Today (Nanci Hellmich and Michelle Healy)

4. Texas and New York governors push radically different legislation on abortion

Perry adds abortion, juvenile justice to special session, Houston Chronicle (David Rauf)

Cuomo’s Proposal Aims to Protect Late-Term Abortion Access in N.Y., Pew Forum

5. What happens to the children whose parents aren’t involved in their education?

Will some students always be left behind?, Houston Chronicle (Lisa Falkenberg)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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