The Briefing 06-05-13

The Briefing 06-05-13

1) Manning and Holmes trials reveal difficulty of achieving perfect justice in imperfect world

Judge allows plea of not guilty by insanity for James Holmes, Los Angeles Times (Jenny Deam and Michael Muskal)

Suspect in Colorado Movie Killings Enters Insantiy Plea, New York Times (Jack Healy)

2) Obama’s dual priorities of homosexual normalization and freedom for indigenous people clash in Africa

Obama faces bind on Africa and gay rights, USA Today (DeWayne Wickham)


3) When moral revolutions bring about unintended consequences…

How same-sex marriage could affect health benefits, Los Angeles Times (Karin Klein)

Fired for Being Gay? Protections Are Piecemeal, New York Times (Tara Bernard)

4) Pornographers aggressively expand into new technological platforms

Google Bans Porn on Google Glass, CNN (Heather Kelly)

Pinterest embraces nudes as others tighten content monitoring, Financial Times (April Dembosky, Robert Budden and Robert Cookson)

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