The Briefing 05-31-13

The Briefing 05-31-13

1. 3/4 of Americans say religion is losing its influence

Poll: America losing it’s religion, CNN Belief Blog (Dan Merica)

Most Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence in U.S., Gallup (Frank Newport)

2. Is belief really less important than faith? 

Belief Is the Least Part of Faith, The New York Times (T. M. Luhrmann)

An Anthropologist Looks At Evangelicals: A Conversation With Tanya Luhrmann,

3. Argument demanding churches leave public schools is aggregated concentration of nonsense

Get Churches Out of Public Schools, New York Times (Editorial)

4. Bishop suggests Christians “rethink” Scripture in light of changing attitudes towards homosexuality

Gay Marriage Opponents Like Supporters of Apartheid, Says Senior Bishop, The Telegraph (Edward Malnick)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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