The Briefing 05-29-13

The Briefing 05-29-13

1) Celebrating the child rescued in China, but what of the child whose cries are never heard?

China’s Baby 59 left in sewage pipe evokes mass sympathy and anger, The Guardian (Tania Branigan)

2) Shocking moral equivalence made between abortion and marriage

A proposal for moms-to-be (like abortion rules, it’s for their own good) Washington Post (R. Alto Charo)

3) Ethical disaster of cloning turns women into commodities

Eggs for Sale? The Weekly Standard (Wesley J Smith)

4) In Church of England, Evangelicals not recognizing female bishops are marginalized

Church of England Unveils Plan for Women Bishops, Reuters (Tom Heneghan)

5) Grades weren’t high enough, so school board lowered the grading scale

Scholarship shenanigans, The Courier-Journal (Editorial)


R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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