The Briefing 05-24-13

The Briefing 05-24-13

1) Boy Scouts to admit openly gay members

Boy Scouts to Admit Openly Gay Youths as Members, New York Times (Erik Eckholm)

Boy Scouts president: Let in gay boys, USA Today (Wayne Perry)

Boy Scouts at the Brink — The Moment of Decision Arrives, (Dr. Albert Mohler)

Fifty U.S. Religious Leaders Ask Boy Scouts to Maintain Existing Membership Standards, The Institute on Religion and Democracy

2) Contraception Mandate puts Obama Administration on legal defensive

Contraception Violates Beliefs, Firms Tell Court, Wall Street Journal (Ben Kesling and Louise Radnofsky)

3) Columnist argues it should be illegal for Catholic School to fire a teacher violating policy with same-sex lifestyle 

One School’s Catholic Teaching, New York Times (Frank Bruni)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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