The Briefing 05-13-13

The Briefing 05-13-13

1. Federal judge continues to defend Plan B access without restriction, prescription, or supervision

2. Minnesota likely to be 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage

Minn. House approves gay marriage; would be 12th, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Brian Bakst)

3. IRS singles out conservative groups for special scrutiny

IRS Scrutiny Was Deeper Than Thought, Wall Street Journal (John D Mckinnon)

IRS targeted groups critical of government, documents from agency probe show, Washington Post (Juliet Eilperin)

The Taxman vs. the Tea Party, New York Times (Ross Douthat)

4. Supreme Court Justice claims Roe v. Wade decision hurt abortion rights

Ginsburg: Roe v. Wade too sweeping, gave abortion opponents target to ‘aim at relentlessly’ The Washington Post (Associated Press)

5. Moms are searching online for wives for their sons

Mother, Can You Spare a Room? Wall Street Journal (Kirsten Grind)

Hey Mom, Call Me When You Find My Wife, New York Times (Ji Hyun Lee)

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