The Briefing 05-02-13

The Briefing 05-02-13

1. In Boston, the gift of friendship turning toxic and dangerous

U.S. Detains 3 in Connection with Boston Bombings, New York Times (Katharine Q. Seelye, et al)

2. Obama Administration appealing Morning-After Pill ruling

U.S. Will Appeal Order on Morning-After Pill, New York Times (Pam Belluck)

3. Civil Unions in Colorado imply less and require less, for homosexuals and heterosexuals

4. The terrible price of cheap clothing – are we complicit in the factory collapse in Bangladesh?

Death toll from Bangladesh building collapse climbs above 400, (Jethro Mullen and Farid Ahmed)

The high costs of cheap clothing, Kansas City Star (Editorial)

5. Organ trafficking and the moral limitations of a free market

5 Are Convicted in Kosovo Organ Trafficking, New York Times (Dan Bilefsky)

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