The Briefing 04-26-13

The Briefing 04-26-13

1. Finding our sense of place in the nation’s history

Convergence of Presidents at Bush Library Dedication, New York Times (Peter Baker)2. Obama to address Planned Parenthood

Obama’s Planned Parenthood speech delayed to Friday, USA Today (David Jackson)

3. Boston bombers were headed for Times Square

Boston Bombing Suspects Talked of Times Square as Next Target, New York Officials Say, New York Times (J. David Goodman)

4. All lives are equal, but not all tragedies are the same Workers trapped inside collapsed building in Bangladesh plead for rescue; death toll hits 238, Washington Post (Associated Press)

Only an Accident, New York Times (Bruce Mackhart)

5. The life and legacy of Bob Edgar a reminder that theology matters

Bob Edgar, Lawmaker and Liberal Leader, Dies at 69, New York Times (Douglas Martin)

The Road to Nowhere—Middle Church, (Dr. Albert Mohler)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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