The Briefing 04-19-13

The Briefing 04-19-13

1. Recent tragedies a poignant reminder of life in a fallen world

Battered Town Seeks Missing After Blast Kills at Least 5, New York Times (Manny Fernandez and John Schwartz)F.B.I. Releases Images of Two Suspects in Boston Attack, New York Times (Katharine Q Seelye and Michael Cooper)

Miss. man denies mailing suspected ricin, USA Today (Peter Eisler, Kevin Johnson and Aamer Madhani)

2. Margaret Thatcher’s Christian funeral a reflection of her Christian faith

A Focus on the Personal as Britons Bid Thatcher Farewell, New York Times (John F Burns and Alan Cowell)

3. Gun bill defeat reveals more than a political divide, but a worldview divide

The Senate Fails Americans, New York Times (Editorial)

Polarization Is Not Just in Washington, Wall Street Journal (Gerald F Seib)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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