The Briefing 04-15-13

The Briefing 04-15-13

1. The Gosnell trial reveals our cultural bias, as well as our personal worldview

Teen intern at Gosnell clinic recalls hearing aborted fetus ‘screeching’ Philadelphia Inquirer (Joseph A. Slobodzian)Philly Abortion Clinic Workers Saw few Options, Associated Press (MaryClaire Dale)

Why I Didn’t Write About Gosnell’s Trial–And Why I Should Have, The Daily Beast (Megan McArdle)

There is no Gosnell coverup, (Irin Carmon)

Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be a Front-Page Story, The Atlantic (Conor Friedersdorf)

2. Criticisms of Virginia abortion clinic laws reveal inconsistent liberal argument

Virginia Abortion Clinic Rules Get Final Approval, New York Times (Erik Eckholm)

Va. board approves strict abortion clinic rules, The Washington Post (Laura Vozzella)

3. France’s legalization of gay marriage shows the true cultural divide

French Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage, Wall Street Journal (Ruth Bender)

French Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill, New York Times (Scott Sayare)

4. What the tax code says about our cultural priorities

Sunday Dialogue: Lifestyle and Taxes, New York Times

The War on (Married) Women, The Weekly Standard (Ashley E McGuire)

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