The Briefing 04-03-13

The Briefing 04-03-13

Story 1 – Living in a Violent World

Death Penalty Sought in Colorado Shooting Trial, Wall Street Journal (Donna Bryson and Ashby Jones)

Japan Shifts From Pacifism as Anxiety in Region Rises, The New York Times (Martin Fackler)

Hamas Adds Restrictions on Schools and Israelis, The New York Times (Fares Akram)

Story 2 – Coercion to Accept Same-Sex Marriage

Gay marriage, public opinion and the Supreme Court

Story 3 – Moral Confusion Regarding Multiple Teenage Pregnancies

Almost 20% of teen births are not a first child, USA Today (Sharon Jayson)

Story 4 – The Decline of Christianity in Scotland

Scottish poll finds Christian belief in decline, BBC News

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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