The Briefing 03-28-13

The Briefing 03-28-13

Story 1 – DOMA faces tough scrutiny in Supreme Court hearings

Justices Seem Set to End U.S. Ban on Benefits to Gay Spouses, New York Times (Adam Liptak and Peter Baker)

Courting Cowardice, New York Times (Maureen Dowd)

Supreme Court should move with the tide of history, Financial Times

Story 2 – North Dakota in direct collision with Roe v. Wade

New Laws Ban Most Abortions in North Dakota New York Times (John Eligon)

Story 3 – Female literary porn reaches 70 million in sales

Oh, My! That Dirty Book Has Sold 70 Million Copies, Wall Street Journal (Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg)

Story 4 – The more meals at home, the better for kids and teens

Each family dinner adds up to benefits for adolescents, USA Today (Sharon Jayson)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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