The Briefing 03-22-13

The Briefing 03-22-13

Story 1 – Seeing through the spin: Why did Pediatrics group back same-sex marriage?

Pediatrics Association Says It Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Wall Street Journal (Shirley S. Wang)

Pediatrics Group Backs Gay Marriage, Saying It Helps Children, New York Times (Catherine Saint Louis)

Story 2 – Choosing family over faith

Wickham: Portman picks gay son over faith, USA Today (DeWayne Wickham)

Story 3 – Female bishops in Church of England exasperated with democracy

Synod will thwart us again, says contender to be woman bishop, The Times of London (Ruth Gledhill)

Story 4 – U.N.’s ‘free hug day’ confuses the pursuit of happiness

U.N.’s Day of Happiness strikes chord, USA Today (Natalie DiBlasio)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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