The Briefing 03-11-13

The Briefing 03-11-13

1) The Deification of Hugo Chavez: where theology meets cult of personality

Deceased Leader Is Idolized Like His Own Idol, Bolívar, Wall Street Journal (Jose De Cordoba and Sara Schaefer Munoz)

2) North Korea’s threats, the new Axis of Evil, and restraining evil in a fallen world

As North Korea Blusters, South Flirts With Talk of Nuclear Arms, New York Times (Martin Fackler and Choe Sang-Hun)

Iran-North Korea Pact Draws Concern, Wall Street Journal (Jay Solomon)

3) Rand Paul reminds Americans to engage with the ethics of war

Visions of Drones Swarming U.S. Skies Hit Bipartisan Nerve, New York Times (Scott Shane and Michael Shear)

What Hath Rand Paul Wrought? New York Times (Ross Douthat)

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