The Briefing 03-06-13

The Briefing 03-06-13

Story 1 – The end of a personality cult: Hugo Chavez is dead

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies, CNN (Catherine E. Shoichet and Dana Ford)

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez dies, USA Today (Girish Gupt)

Story 2 – Playboy tries to rebuild in age of free pornography

A Warped Worldview: Another Moral Effect of Pornography, Albert Mohler

Rebuilding Playboy: Less Smut, More Money, Wall Street Journal (Keach Hagey)

Story 3 – Massachusetts transgendered High School

Make Way for Transgender High School, Wall Street Journal (James P. Ehrhard)

Story 4 – Marijuana for Recreational Use?

Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?, LA Daily News (Editors)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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