The Briefing 02-26-13

The Briefing 02-26-13

Story 1 – Worldview Matters – political persuasion can predict movie habits

Politics Counts: The Split Screen on Oscar Movies, Wall Street Journal (Dante Chinni)

Story 2 – Entertainment industry calling for higher taxes while receiving millions in tax breaks

The Hollywood Tax Story They Won’t Tell at the Oscars, Wall Street Journal (Glenn Harlan Reynolds)

Story 3 – Hollywood’s fuzzy distinction between fact and fiction

Confronting the Fact of Fiction and the Fiction of Fact, New York Times (Manohla Dargis)

Story 4 – France President’s personal moral hypocrisy

President’s personal life hits French stage Associated Press (Thomas Adamson)

Story 5 – Internet pornography or the safety of children – which will governments choose?

Iceland Seeks Internet Pornography Ban, The Guardian (Associated Press)

Story 6 – U.S. dropping Tylenol-laced mice on Guam to battle snake infestation

US plan to control Guam’s snake population with toxic mice, The Guardian (Matt Williams)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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