The Briefing 02-20-13

The Briefing 02-20-13

Story 1 – The Personality Cult of Hugo Chávez

Chávez Returns to Venezuela, Trailing Doubts, The New York Times (William Nueman)

Crowds cheer Hugo Chávez’s surprise return to Venezuela, USA Today (Peter Wilson and Kim Hjelmgaard)

Story 2 – Modeling Reading and Reader’s Digest

Bankruptcy again for ‘Reader’s Digest’, USA Today (Geri Coleman Tucker)

Story 3 – Rise of the morning-after pill

Use of Morning-After Pill Is Rising, Report Says, The New York Times (Sabrina Tavernise)

Story 4 – Should Christians join inter-faith prayer services?

After Rebuke, an Apology for Pastor in Newtown, The New York Times (Marc Santora)

Inter-Faith Prayer Services, Issues, Etc. (Dr. Albert Mohler)

Story 5 – Tim Tebow to speak at controversial Dallas church

Tim Tebow to speak at controversial Dallas church, LA Times (Houston Mitchell)

Tim Tebow must sever ties with hateful pastor, Orlando Sentinel (Mike Bianchi)

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