The Briefing 02-12-13

The Briefing 02-12-13

Story 1 – The importance and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Catholics React With Shock, Sympathy and Muted Criticism, New York Times (Nicholas Kulish)

Pope Benedict XVI to Resign, Citing Age and Waning Energy, Washington Post (Anthony Faiola and Michelle Boorstein)

US Will Have Unprecedented Voice in Electing New Pope, NBC News (John Newland and Claudio Lavanga)

Pope Benedict XVI Stuns World, Announces Retirement, USA Today (Eric Lyman and John Bacon)

Story 2 – Largest gathering of people in human history flock to have sins cleansed

Deadly Stampede at Hindu Festival That Draws Millions, New York Times (Gardiner Harris)

India Pitcher Festival Stampede: Kumbh Mela Festival Kills At Least 10, Associated Press (Rajesh Kumar Singh)

Story 3 – Priorities and worldview in the State of the Union Address

Obama’s State of the Union speech to focus on jobs, USA Today (David Jackson)

From the Boy Scouts to the British Parliament: Left behind? Conservative Christians and the gay revolution, The Washington Post (R. Albert Mohler Jr.)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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