The Briefing 02-08-13

The Briefing 02-08-13

Story 1 – God’s gift of weather

Powerful Blizzard Takes Aim At Northeastern United States, Reuters (Scott Malone)

Story 2 – Radical usurpation of rights of parents

NYC Schools Giving Out Tens Of Thousands Of Doses Of The ‘Morning-After Pill’, New York Post (Susan Edelman)

Mother Of Former Miami Hurricanes Commitment Alex Collins Refuses To Sign Letter Of Intent, Miami Herald (Susan Miller Degnan)

Story 3 – Drone attacks and wars from a Christian worldview

Brennan Nomination Exposes Criticism On Targeted Killings, Washington Post (Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung)

Drones Are Focus As C.I.A. Nominee Goes Before Senators, The New York Times (Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane)

Story 4 – Postal Service ending Saturday delivery – Can it survive?

Post Office Proposes Ending Saturday Delivery, USA Today (John Bacon and Donna Leinwand Leger)

Story 5 – Sin at the heart of all pride, including Gay Pride

Illinois Starts Push To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Valentine’s Day, Chicago Tribune (Renita Young)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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