The Briefing 02-06-13

The Briefing 02-06-13

Story 1 – House of Commons passes gay marriage bill

British House of Commons Approves Gay Marriage Bill, New York Times (John F. Burns)

Story 2 – Perceived inevitability of gay marriage driving the moral revolution

Gay-Marriage Strategists Plot PsyOps, New York Magazine (Sasha Issenberg)

Story 3 – France opposes gay marriage while marriage itself marginalized

The French Debate Gay Marriage, in Their Fashion, New York Times (Elaine Sciolino)

Story 4 – Worldview issues are dividing parties from within

Attitude toward immigration splits Republicans, Associated Press

Pushing gun control a problem for red state Democrats, McClatchy Newspapers (David Lightman)

Dr Mohler Speaking at Moody Founder’s Week

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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