The Briefing 02-05-13

The Briefing 02-05-13

Story 1 – Alabama hostage crisis finally ended

Officials: Boy Safe, Abductor Dead After Standoff, New York Times (Associated Press)

Story 2 – The significance of discovering remains of King Richard III

Richard III: skeleton is the king, The Telegraph (Nick Britten)

Story 3 – What does it take to be Archbishop of Canterbury?

Justin Welby confirmed as archbishop of Canterbury, The Guardian (Sam Jones)

Story 4 – Largest Harvard cheating scandal in history

Students Disciplined in Harvard Scandal, New York Times (Richard Perez-Pena)

Story 5 – Not just students: teachers accused in large cheating ring

In a Memphis Cheating Ring, the Teachers Are the Accused, New York Times (Motoko Rich)

Story 6 – Obama’s categorical and comprehensive statement on homosexuality

President Obama urges Boy Scouts to admit gays, Los Angeles Times (Connie Stewart)

Story 7 – Tragedy reveals the need for human government and regulation

A Fireworks Truck Explodes, Shattering a Bridge in China, New York Times (Chris Buckley)

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