The Briefing 01-25-13

The Briefing 01-25-13

Story 1 – Research to resume on deadly flu virus – a recipe for human insanity

Research to Resume on Modified, Deadlier Bird Flu, New York Times (Denise Grady)

Story 2 – Organized labor losing members – a major cultural realignment

Organized Labor Loses Members, Wall Street Journal (Melanie Trottman)

Story 3 – Insatiable appetite for gambling doesn’t pay – states losing scholarship funding

Red Ink Imperils Lottery Scholarships, Wall Street Journal (Ana Campoy)

Story 4 –  Are mass-murderers crazy or evil? No secular answer

Evil vs. crazy: What’s in the minds of mass murderers? Washington Post (Martin E.P. Seligman

Story 5 – 3rd Gender? Gender confusion never ends

Nepal to Issue ‘Third Gender’ IDs, Associated Press

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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