The Briefing 01-14-13

The Briefing 01-14-13

Story 1 – Hugo Chavez misses his own inauguration

Venezuela’s ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ Inaugural A Sign Of Chavez’s Tottering Regime, Investor’s Business Daily (Editors)

Story 2 – Lance Armstrong to confess to great high priestess: Oprah

On Winfrey’s Show, Armstrong Is Planning To Confess Drug Use, The New York Times (Juliet Macur)

Story 3 – ‘Infidelity Phones’ and ‘Cheater Apps’

Japan’s Philanderers Stay Faithful To Their ‘Infidelity Phones’, Wall Street Journal (Daisuke Wakabayashi)

Story 4 – Homeschooling continues to grow in U.S.

Keep It In The Family, The Economist

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