The Briefing 01-11-13

The Briefing 01-11-13

Story 1 – Louie Giglio and the new Moral McCarthyism

Minister Pulls Out of Inauguration After Outcry,The New York Times (Sheryl Gay Stolberg)

The Giglio Imbroglio — The Public Inauguration of a New Moral McCarthyism, (Albert Mohler)

Story 2 – Hugo Chavez chooses Marxism over potential cancer cure

Hugo Chavez Hit By Cuba’s Surgical Strike, Investors Business Daily (Editors)

Story 3 – Pornography in the mainstream – Fifty Shades of Grey in hardcover

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ will be published as hardcovers, USA Today (Deirdre Donahue)

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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