The Briefing 12-13-12

The Briefing 12-13-12

Story 1 – Is rural America becoming less relevant?

USDA Chief: Rural America Becoming Less Relevant, Associated Press (Mary Clare Jalonick)

Story 2 – The overwhelming power of urban West Coast “Democratopolis”

In West’s ‘Democratopolis,’ Winning an Election With Only 8 of 39 Counties, New York Times (Kirk Johnson)

Story 3 – Retailer “speaks the language” of its teen customers, include extreme profanity

Urban Outfitters Holiday Catalog Gets Naughty, USA Today (Bruce Horovitz)

Story 4 – Can you trust your pediatrician alone with your teen?

Teenagers and the Morning-After Pill, New York Times (Roni Caryn Rabin)

Story 5 – Bobby Petrino claims sin is a “learning experience.” Is sin ever just a learning experience?

Hiring Tarnished Bobby Petrino a Huge Gamble for Western Kentucky, Courier-Journal (Tim Sullivan)

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