The Briefing 12-12-12

The Briefing 12-12-12

Story 1 – The death of Christian Britain?

Christianity in Britain Losing Ground to Islam, Secularism, Washington Post (Trevor Grundy)

Christianity not ‘Fading Away’ says Archbishop Ahead of Census Figures, The Telegraph (John Bingham)

Story 2 – Right to work laws reflect a changing culture

Over Protesters’ Angry Chants, Michigan Lawmakers Give Final Approval to Right-to-Work Bills, Washington Post (Associated Press)

Story 3 – Fiscal Cliff math doesn’t add up

Tax Arithmetic Shows Top Rate is Just a Starter, New York Times (Jackie Calmes)

Story 4 – Babies come from armpits? Sex education gone awry

China’s Sex-Ed Problem, Newsweek (Dan Levin)

Story 5 – ‘Lunatic’ eliminated. Lunacy? Not so much.

Congress Votes to Remove Word ‘Lunatic’ from Law, Associated Press (Jim Abrams)

The 80th Element, The Week

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