The Briefing 12-06-12

The Briefing 12-06-12

Story 1 – Taking kids away from parents in order to give the kids without parents a “fair chance”

French President Pushing Homework Ban as Part of Ed Reforms, Washington Post (Valerie Strauss)

François Hollande Wants to Abolish Homework. Is that a Good Idea? Washington Post (Dylan Matthews)

Story 2 – Harvard’s dissenter on the dangers of our country’s new definition of justice

The Crisis of American Self-Government, Wall Street Journal (Sohrab Ahmari)

Story 3 – Homosexual calls President Clinton to apologize for “indisputable discrimination”

Dear President Clinton, New York Times (Frank Bruni)

Story 4 – One billion dollars and 150 million hours spent in just 15 days – on one video game.

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ reaches $1B in sales faster than ‘Avatar,‘ New York Post (Anthony Sull-Heffinger)

Story 5 – The humbling truth – nobody knows why we yawn

The Unsolved Mystery of Why You Just Yawned, Wall Street Journal (Matt Ridley)

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