The Briefing 12-05-12

The Briefing 12-05-12

Story 1 – Good News In California – Judge Restores Rights For Parents, Christians, And Mental Health Community

Judge Refuses to Block Calif. Gay Therapy Ban; Ruling Follows Other Jurist’s Competing Ruling
, Washington Post (Associated Press)

Story 2 – Why Wouldn’t Politicians Approve A Disabilities Treaty? Because It’s A Tragedy.

Treaty Rights for the Disabled, New York Times (Editorial)

Bob Dole Can’t Sway Republicans to Back UN Disabilities Treaty, ABC News (Sunlen Miller)

Story 3 – Yes, Dads Are Now Buying Barbies, But Some Things Never Change

More Dads Buy the Toys, So Barbie, and Stores, Get Makeovers, New York Times (Stephanie Clifford)

Story 4 – As Text Messages Turn 20, Face To Face Is Still Best

The Text Message Turns 20. But Has SMS Peaked? CNN (Heather Kelly)

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