How Has Motherhood Changed?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and the culture rapidly changing, Dr. Mohler asks an important question on today’s program.  How has motherhood changed?  In a society that has clearly lost its way in its thinking about the different roles of fathers and mothers, it’s important that Christians are firmly grounded in their understanding of the important place mothers hold in the Christian worldview.  In a world that has increasingly lost its way in its thinking about the family, mothers who fulfill their calling to the full will find themselves most fulfilled in being faithful to their families first.  Mothers are increasingly told that a focus and prioritization of their families is wrong-headed and ill-conceived.  Career, hobbies, and peer pressure create expectations that run counter to the significant role that God ordained mothers to perform.  In God’s ordering of the world and human relationships, faithfulness always leads to fulfillment, whereas fulfillment does not produce faithfulness.  We as Christians must recognize and affirm, in the midst of an onslaught of pressures, that the calling to be a mother is a God-given calling that will lead to the utmost fulfillment.