Can Christian Organizations Remain Organizations in a Tolerant Age?

The Christian Legal Society at the University of California-Hastings Law School recently found itself in trouble with the law school’s non-discrimination policy when it would not allow homosexual students to join the group.  This is now a case before the United States Supreme Court.  The presenting issue is “whether a Christian student group’s right to religious liberty and the freedom of association can trump a university’s ban on discrimination against gays and lesbians.”  On today’s show, Dr. Mohler discusses this important case (Christian Legal Society v. Martinez) on today’s show asking the question, “Must a Christian organization surrender its Christian convictions in order to be recognized by a secular university?”  Dr. Mohler argues that for a Christian organization to actually remain Christian, it must be able to take the appropriate steps to protect its Christian identity.  Far more than one Christian Legal Society is at stake in this case.