Masculinity in a Spray Can? The Call for Men in Today’s Church

What is that makes a boy become a man?  Is it the accoutrements he purchases or the people he associates with?  While some external factors make a difference in rearing a young man, boys don’t become men by dousing themselves with strong smelling deodorant.  The New York Times has recently published an article that explains the lengths teens go to in presenting themselves as men, when in actuality, their character displays nothing mature.  The Church at large is bereft of men who will lead: take initiative, seek out problems, and do their best to fix them.  On today’s program, Dr. Mohler addresses the nature of masculinity in the Church, where it should be and how to get there.  Rather than reverting to a macho-centric, fight-club mentality, the Church must teach her young men to lead like her Savior does: with intentional, self-sacrifice, and aggressive love.