Mere Moral Opprobrium? Far More than Marriage is on Trial

Both sides in the federal trial over same-sex marriage have now rested, and the nation awaits the decision of U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. Nevertheless, the judge’s decision will not put the matter to rest, no matter his ruling. Both sides have pledged, if they lose, to appeal his ruling all the way to the Supreme Court. To that, Michael Lindenberger of Time Magazine adds: “What’s equally clear now, after nearly three weeks of evidence, is that no matter what happens, the debate over gay marriage will never again be the same.”  Indeed, the landscape is quickly changing, and fueling that change is the new American religion: secularism.  On today’s show, Dr. Mohler examines the problems with the prosecution’s arguments in Proposition 8, calling to light the dangers of secular humanism as it replaces Christianity as the foundation of our society.