Brit Hume, Tiger Woods and the Scandal of the Gospel

Brit Hume’s recent comments to Tiger Woods, calling him to repent of sin and turn to the Christian faith for genuine forgiveness, have caused quite a stir.  Most of the commentary on Tiger Woods has come from the angle of his economic failings: what will Mr. Woods lose financially?  How can he emerge from this scandal on top?  In stark contrast, Brit Hume has addressed this issue at the root of the problem: Tiger Woods doesn’t need to come out on top – he needs to come out forgiven.  Buddhism, the religion Mr. Woods claims to believe in, certainly does not offer this.  As Mr. Hume has said and Dr. Mohler notes on today’s program, true forgiveness is only found in Christianity and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  May Tiger Woods come to this knowledge and find true redemption.