New Study: The Media Push Homosexuality

The rapid advance of the homosexual agenda would have been impossible without eager encouragement from the news and entertainment media. NBC’s “Boy Meets Boy” and Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” now join NBC’s “Will and Grace” in celebrating homosexual eroticism as normal and attractive. Julia Duin of The Washington Times claims that “an almost casual acceptance of homosexuality pervades the media.” [See her article]

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center explains that “The media is [sic.] trying to establish a sense of inevitability, which causes anxiety in people.” The sense of inevitability is seen in the presentation of anyone opposed to homosexuality as a backward, uneducated, religious zealot. The homosexual characters are portrayed as reasonable, upright, friendly, and unthreatening neighbors–who also have great aesthetic taste and style.

Have any doubts about the mainstream news media? CNN anchor Judy Woodruff and CBS chairman Les Moonves are scheduled to speak at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in September, along with John Puerner, publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

Further evidence is found on the editorial pages of the nation’s major newspapers. On July 5, the Washington Post threw its weight behind gay marriage. “Society as a whole is made stronger when couples–whether opposite-sex or same-sex–cement their love and commitment in legally sanctioned unions. Today, The New York Times chided President Bush for his comments on marriage in yesterday’s press conference, accusing him of “playing it safe” by defending heterosexual marriage. The President “ought to be happy to keep out of the way,” of the inevitable move toward gay marriage, the Times moralized–throwing millennia of moral wisdom aside in their sweeping pronouncement.

One curious note: CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider responded to the President’s quotation from the Sermon on the Mount by saying, “that sounds like a Texas-ism to me.” Sorry Bill, that one’s from Jesus.