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The Briefing 01-24-17

Trump reinstates Mexico City Policy, a pro-life measure that prevents US aid from promoting abortion NY Gov. Cuomo promises to expand access to free abortions that are "medically necessary" Is it good stewardship for a billionaire to fly a private jet to Puerto Rico to rescue 30 stray dogs? Ethics, resource allocation, and the call to stop searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

January 24, 2017



Leadership as Stewardship, Part Two

Jesus once told of a wealthy man who went on a long journey. Before the man left, he entrusted his wealth to three servants. To one he gave five units, to another just two units, and to the last he gave only one. Each received "according to his ability," Jesus said. The servant with the five units invested them and made five more. The one entrusted...

April 12, 2013


Leadership as Stewardship, Part One

Christians are rightly and necessarily concerned about leadership, but many Christians seem to aim no higher than secular standards and visions of leadership. We can learn a great deal from the secular world and its studies of leadership and its practices, but the last thing the church needs is warmed over business theories decorated with Christian...

April 8, 2013



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