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Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Blue America is growing bluer: Political swings in both New Jersey and New York show worldviews at work Why politics and hypocrisy go together so dangerously A tale of two letters: French accuse Americans of holding to a Puritan sexual morality

January 17, 2018



The Briefing 02-09-17

The chilling logic of abortionist Willie Parker: "A fetus is not a person; it’s a human entity." Should tax payer money go to churches that counsel women to get abortions? Spokesman claims Planned Parenthood is "the lynchpin" for growing a healthy future for families Study: Millennials think having sex is less intimate than going on first date or meeting the family

February 9, 2017

Sex Education

The Briefing 08-30-16

Sexual assault education ... in kindergarten? When morality is untethered from revelation Whose life should be saved first? The irreducibly moral dimension of public health Peace in the Americas: Permanent cease-fire concludes half-century civil war in Colombia

August 30, 2016



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