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The Briefing 09-13-16

Could reality TV define our national reality? "Sister Wives" polygamy case appeals to Supreme Court Rationality, desperation theory, and the attempt to understand North Korea's latest nuclear test Birds of a feather flock together: What your friendships reveal about your worldview

September 13, 2016



The Briefing 04-20-16

Utah legislation recognizes pornography a problem—a health problem, that is, not a moral one As polygamy is struck down in UT, Harvard law prof. argues for its constitutionality in NY Obama Administration issues threats to states that have defunded Planned Parenthood Morality and mortality are correlated in new study on wealth, geography, and life expectancy

April 20, 2016

Court Decisions

The Briefing 09-01-15

Enduring nature of temptation to idolatory illustrated in current events Indiana editorial's celebration of total non-discrimination exposes pervasiveness of sexual revolution Polygamy lawsuit depends on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling for defense

September 1, 2015



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