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Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

How the constitutional separation of powers in the United States has its underpinnings in a biblical worldview Divided government: What should we look for as the 116th Congress takes office? The real story behind political parties: Why the great partisan divide is a worldview divide Is the government shutdown a real or manufactured political crisis?

January 7, 2019


United States

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018

Just how important should politics be? Why Christians should be the first to understand that politics, while important, is not ultimate Welcome to the 2020 presidential campaign: the cycles of modern American politics What the outcome of the midterm elections has to do with the resignation of Jeff Sessions

November 8, 2018


Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018

Why the secular turn in conservatism imperils the very foundation of conservative thought Does anger actually turn into votes? As midterm elections approach, Democrats look for increased turnout among two different groups While similar numbers of Americans and Europeans report themselves to be secular, they are not secular in the same way

September 19, 2018



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