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Monday, Feb. 5, 2018

Major religious liberty issues in new higher education legislation fly under the radar The Pope bows to Communist leaders in Beijing Why you can add the word “poemish” to your vocabulary list

February 5, 2018


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The Briefing 08-03-16

Pending SB 1146 would mean the end of comprehensive Christian education in California Schools that refuse federal aid or request Title IX exemption blacklisted by secular left Pepperdine University "repents" of its Title IX exemption to escape LGBT fury

August 3, 2016

College & University

The Briefing 03-11-16

Stanford Review argues for Western Civ class in curriculum, affirming Judeo-Christian mores Feminist Glaciology? The importance of worldview on display ad nauseam Science community excommunicates heretics: journal pulls article that mentions "Creator" Rise of antisemitism on the academic Left reveals our inability to learn from the past While Britain's aristocracy attempted to preserve a culture, America's is tearing one down

March 11, 2016



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