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Friday, May 25, 2018

Why one Yale graduate who grew up as a foster child tells us that family structure really matters The wealth gap and families: Recent economic changes are far more demonstrable in families compared to individuals Failing the intersectionality test: LGBT community deems pro-LGBT mayor unworthy of their support Remembering the lives of Richard Pipes and Bernard Lewis, two titanic figures in the world of foreign policy The literary legacies of Tom Wolfe and Philip Roth—two very different, very fascinating writers

May 25, 2018


Economy & Work

The Briefing 09-13-17

Research finding that sexual orientation can be revealed by a computer highlights dangers of Artificial Intelligence Is a Utah judge preventing two men from having a biological child, or is it biology itself? The Wall Street Journal asks if we are we richer than we think we are

September 13, 2017

United States

The Briefing 09-29-15

America's future culture, politics reshaped by surging immigration trends among Asians Volkswagen controversy exposes moral significance of trust to economy, civilization Embryo legal battle between divorcees reveals lack of moral clarity in society

September 29, 2015



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