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Tuesday, Apr. 3, 2018

A love story that ends in suicide: New rituals around dying raise huge moral questions about the sanctity and dignity of human life How a reordering of the theological landscape has led to a redefinition of life and death Abuse of junk science leads California judge to order cancer warnings on coffee: What this reveals about Americans’ chemophobia Stephen Reinhardt, the liberal lion of California, dies at 87, but there are many cubs following close behind

April 3, 2018


Sexual Revolution

The Briefing 10-24-17

Marriage down under: tracing developments in the same-sex marriage vote Australian bishops perform a ‘theological dance’ on same-sex marriage Australian pediatricians attempt to shut down even an argument over same-sex marriage Fear of ‘sexual innuendo’ is not a bad thing: An update from Hollywood What does a $55 cup of coffee say about us? We’re not sure, but it certainly says something

October 24, 2017


Is Technology Distracting Us to Death?

Is technology changing the way that we think and process information? A number of social theorists are suggesting that it is. But do these questions have unique relevance for Christians? Can we remain godly in a wired world? Guest host Russell Moore welcomes Christian philosopher John Mark Reynolds to the program for a discussion on this subjec...

July 25, 2008


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