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The Briefing 10-26-17

Why we should pay careful attention to the ‘yuck factor’ when considering liquefaction Exploration of burial traditions reveals that secularism doesn’t satisfy when it comes to death Theology always makes an appearance, especially at the point of death A funeral—one that costs between $30 million and $90 million—fit for a king

October 26, 2017



The Briefing 08-15-17

What does the rising number of cremations tell us about shifts in America’s worldview? Pyre fit for a King: Thailand prepares for King’s funeral and cremation World maps changed radically 70 years ago today as Pakistan and India gained independence

August 15, 2017


The Briefing 08-15-16

Transgender deity in the Old Testament? Nonsense from a rabbi in The New York Times Terror Management Theory? Why even atheists worry about what happens after death Secular Americans choose cremation: What does worldview have to do with burial choice?

August 15, 2016



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