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Monday, November 18, 2019

Blockbuster Report Details Mass Detention of Religious Minorities in China: The Horrifying Outcome of Not Falling in Line with the Communist State The Chinese Government Stares Down an Army of Young Protestors in Hong Kong: How Should the West Respond to This Challenge? Planned Parenthood and Mainstream Media as “Fellow Travelers” — The Agenda Revealed in News Coverage of the Lawsuit over Undercover Videos Last Survivor of the Hindenburg Disaster Dies at 90: Horrifying Ideologies Outlive Even Disastrous Technologies

November 18, 2019



Friday, November 15, 2019

Sprite Ad Depicts Parents Celebrating Children’s Non-Binary Gender Identity: When Corporations Go Beyond Virtue Signaling to Virtue Preaching Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Disagree on the T in LGBT: The Clash Between Feminism and Transgenderism The New Political Activism: Boston and San Francisco Foreshadow the Trajectory of American Politics Penance or Punishment? How the Story of Modern Prisons Explains Far More than You Might Think

November 15, 2019


Thursday, November 14, 2019

The LGBTQ Revolution in Entertainment: It’s Really a Battle for Hearts and Minds Is Global Acceptance of LGBT Issues Increasing? Gaining Moral Affirmation and Change through Coercion Phillip E. Johnson, Brilliant and Courageous Truthteller, Dies at 79: Understanding the Centrality of Creation to Christian Theology

November 14, 2019



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